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Death comes to every living thing. It is as universal an experience for us today as it was for our earliest ancestors. If anything has changed it is that the cause of death today is far more likely to be old age, and that death by violence or disease is rarer.

Traditions and beliefs related to death are a central part of every major religion. Death is a separate god in some religions (such as the Hindu Kali and the Greek Thanatos) and is portrayed in many different ways, for example, in western culture it is often shown as the Grim Reaper: a hooded skeleton carrying a scythe.

Artworks and objects from all times and cultures have featured portrayals of the effects of dying: on the person who dies, on those around them, and the fate of the physical body in rituals such as burial and cremation. They have also depicted what happens after death - belief in an after-life and the soul are a central part of many religions and beliefs.

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