Words and Meanings!

Here's a list of interesting words and their meanings that you might come across when you're using this site...

Adorn - Verb meaning to decorate.
Affluent - Meaning to have plenty of money.
Allude - Verb meaning to refer indirectly to something.
Archaeologist - Person who studies people in the past through the analysis of physical remains.
Aspiration - A strong desire or aim.

Baldric - Strap used to hold the sword and scabbard over a Rajput armour.
Baron/Baroness - Member of the lowest 'rank' of nobility in the British Isles.
Baroque - Style of art and architecture dating from late 16th to early 18th centuries.
Bazuband - Steel plate armguard on Rajput armour.

Ceramic - Objects made from clay
Commemorate - Verb meaning to honour the memory of something.
Commission - Verb meaning to ask for something to be made. Most works of art in the past were 'commissioned', meaning rich people went to artists and asked for a certain object or painting to be made from them.
Commodity - Something that can be bought or sold.
Congregation - Gathering of people, often worshippers.
Connoisseur - Person with special knowledge of culture, arts and food and drink.
Conspicuous - Clearly visible.
Consumption - Quantity of something used.
Contemplate - Verb to consider as a possibility.
Controversy - Debate about something about which there is a strong disagreement.
Cremation - Verb to burn (a corpse) to ash.
Curator - People who work in museums and galleries as keepers of the objects and paintings.

Depict - Verb meaning to show, describe or represent in a work of art or writing.
Doublets - Piece of Tudor clothing
Drapery - Fabrics and Cloths
Earthenware - Clay that is fired at low a temperature. One of the oldest ceramic materials.

Elaborate - A complicated design.
Embroidery - Using needlework to create decoration on textiles.
Emeralds - Highly valued gem
Enamel - A glossy coating made from glass, joined by heat to a surface (usually metal or ceramic) for decoration.
Endure - Verb meaning to tolerate
Exclusiveness - Meaning to be found only in.
Exquisite - Extremely beautiful.
Extravagant - Very impressive.

Fetters - A chain fixed around a prisoner's ankle.

Gilding - To cover with a thin layer of gold.
Gouache - Type of watercolour paint bound with glue.

Indulgent - Meaning to be excessive.
Intricate - Contains complicated detail.

Jacobean - Historical period in Britain referring to the reign of King James I (1603 to 1625).
Japanned - Process of using imitation lacquer t make objects look like proper Japanese lacquered works of art.

Khillat - Indian system of gift giving.

Lacquer - Hard glossy coating.

Marquetry - The process of using very thin pieces of wood and other materials (such as ivory and mother-of-pearl) to create a picture or pattern.
Marquis/Marchioness - Rank of British nobility, above Count
Mementos - Something that reminds of the past.
Mother-of-pearl - The shinny inner surface of sea shells, made up of calcium carbonate.

Obscured - Unclear or vague
Oppressive - Cruel, harsh or unconformable.
Opulence - Indicating wealth.

Palette - A range of colours.
Pious - Religious.
Porcelain - A very special type of clay mix that makes pure white translucent ceramics.
Poignant - Painful to the feelings or thoughts.
Privilege - Advantage resulting from wealth or high social class.
Prominent - Stands out from.
Prosperous - Wealthy or successful.
Punjab - Region which spans the borders of India and Pakistan.

Quartz - Type of semi-precious stone.

Recurring - Occurs repeatedly

Regiment - Organised group of soldiers within the army. The army is made up of a number of individual regiments.

Salver - Sliver type of tray
Scythe - Historical agricultural instrument used to harvest crops e.g. wheat. Often associated with death.
Sentimental - Feelings expressed to an exaggerated level, for example sadness.
Sociability - Enjoying other people's company.
Sombre - Sad or Gloomy.

Tangible - Able to be touched.
Transient - Remains in a place for a short time.
Transparency - Meaning to be able to see through
Triptych - Set of three pictures.

Vellum - Calf, lamb or kid-skin which is treated for use as a writing or drawing surface.
Viscount/Viscountess - Rank of British nobility above a Baron, but below an Earl.

Writhe - To twist or squirm in pain.