What's this about?

How do museum objects relate to today´s society? This resource features works of art from past times and different cultures.
Reflect on how we see the past through these objects.
Analyse what the objects around you say about you.
Create your own work and upload it to our website.
Discuss how objects relate to you and the world around you.

The themes

Showing OffConflictDeath ChildhoodWorshipEating and Drinking

The Gallery

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Browse the gallery
to see some of the most fascinating objects from 5 different museum collections.

Your work

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Show your creative
side in the online collection!

Teachers Information

Discover an innovative way for pupils to consider their surroundings and develop their PLTs by studying museum works of art. This resource targets Key Stage 3 & 4:
Art and Design
Religious Education
Or can be part of a cross-curricular study.
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