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Stone Based Objects

» Marble Revetments and Wine Cistern
» Diana and Endymion
» Pair of Urns
» Pietra Dura Table
» The Virgin Annunciate
» Venus Borne on the Waves
» Betrayal of Christ

Welcome to the Stone zone!

Stone is a readily available material that can be found almost all over the Earth. It is a material our ancestors used to make their tools with 2.5 million years ago. Stone has been used as a material to create art for thousands of years, for example the amazing sculptures from Ancient Greece. Have a look at some of our carved and sculpted stone objects.

Have a look at:
WHERE– to discover the Rock Cycle.
TYPES – to find a rock that was once more expensive than gold.
PROCESSES – to find out the methods artists use to create art works from stone.
CARE – to discover that not all stone is as strong as it seems.