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Paint Based Objects

» Mrs Douglas
» Gibside, County Durham, the Seat of the Earl of Strathmore from South
» Snuffbox
» Christ's Charge to Peter
» The Nativity
» Mrs Martha Udney
» Miniature of the Adoration of the Magi
» Mrs 'Perdita' Robinson

Welcome to the Paint zone!

Like many art materials, the ingredients for paint are found in the natural world. Some sources for these pigments are found in plants whilst others can come from soil or rocks. Try our FUN activity to find out where in the world some of these colours come from.

Have a look at:
WHERE– to discover where early painters got their colours from.
TYPES – to find out how eggs are used to make paint.
PROCESSES – to see what types of materials and objects can be painted.
CARE – to discover how conservators repair paintings to make them look almost new.