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Clay Objects

» Compton Verney Platter, Fruit and Flower Border Series
» Statuette of René Descartes
» Ice Cream Cooler
» Basin
» Pietà
» Basil Pot
» Red Pottery Tripod Vessel

Welcome to the Clay zone!

Man has been using clay to make pottery for thousands of years. Clay can be shaped very easily before it is fired. This has enabled humans to make many different types of clay based objects for use in everyday life. The ease in which clay can be shaped also makes it a great material for making works of art. Take a look at our gallery to see some of them.

Have a look at:
WHERE– to discover where we get different types of clay from.
TYPES – to find out which types of pottery Kings and Queens bought.
PROCESSES – to see how fine porcelain can be made from a lump of clay.
CARE – to discover how museums look after these very fragile works of art.