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Animal Based Objects

» Tournament Shield
» Netsuke of a skeleton dressed as a Geisha or dancer
» Tortoiseshell Pique Basin
» Nativity Group
» Coffer

Welcome to the Animal zone!

In the past many different animals were used to create a number of objects and works of art that can now be found in our museums. Parts of the animals such as their bone and skin were used because of their wonderful appearance and shape. Some of the animals that were killed to create these works of art are now endangered species. Today animals are still used to make art, but only if they are not considered to be endangered species.

Have a look at:
WHERE– to discover what animals Stone-Age man used to create art.
TYPES – to find out what piano keys used to be made from.
PROCESSES – to see how artists use different parts of animals in art.
CARE – to find out which bugs attack our museum objects made from animals.