Using this site

The Landscapes in Art website has been specifically designed for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils and their teachers.
The aims of the site are as follows:

a. To provide an introduction to the topic including good complementary examples of landscapes from five collections supported by images for use in class projects.
b. To promote investigation of the featured artworks in one or many of the collections.
c. To enable interactive exploration of a variety of landscape themes such as composition, light and perspective.
d. To provide ideas for classroom activities, practical tasks and discussions.

The site is structured into four main learning zones as described below:


This section of the site helps to promote student exploration. Carefully selected objects across the collections help to explain artistic techniques and help to illustrate concepts in a visually stimulating way.
This section is broken up into 6 topics:

Composition – Discover the methods and tricks behind artistic arrangement by investigating a range of existing landscape objects.

Perspective – Learn about the variety of perspective types and view examples of when perspective goes wrong! Explore the concepts of aerial, linear and conceptual perspective by manipulating existing landscapes.

Materials –Test the effects of different media upon existing works of art and experiment with landscape decoration on a piece of furniture.

Light –Experiment with light effects and find information about how light can be used to convey location, time, weather etc. Play the ‘spot the sun’ or ‘time of day’ activity all great for classroom/whiteboard use.

Styles – Compare the styles of two famous artists by taking part in the quiz or compile a collection of preferred landscape styles and objects according to personal taste.

Places – Find information about the importance of place, review the theory of the famous ‘Camera Obscura’ and take part in the ‘where in the world’ quiz.


This zone helps to put the collection of featured landscapes into context. The interactive timeline will help to inspire learners, providing a refreshing contrast to traditional time-based presentations. The supplementary activities: ‘Time Challenge’ and ‘Landscape card game’ will add extra excitement to your teaching sessions and are great way of motivating learners.

The History of Landscape

This section describes how the art of Landscape developed over the ages. Split into key periods, it provides an easy guide to the history of Landscape in Western art.


The Gallery shows at a glance all the works of art featured in this site. By clicking on a work of art, further information about the piece and the artist will be displayed. The descriptions for each work include ideas for discussion and practical activities. Large, printable images of the objects are available for use away from the computer. Please note that all images are subject to copyright (see the ‘Copyright’ section of this site for further details and conditions).


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