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The Landscapes in Art website strives to make all pages validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. All pages also aim to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level 1.0.

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These are keyboard shortcuts that enable you to quickly navigate around the site using on the access keys.

Press Alt + [the access key] (PC) or Ctrl+[the access key] (Mac) to highlight a link. Depending on what browser you are using you might need to press the enter key to activate the link.

There are 10 access keys used on this site:

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Tab Key

The Tab key on your keyboard can also be used to navigate the site. Press Tab to move from link to link on the page. Once a link is highlighted press Enter to activate it. To move back to the previous link on the page, press Shift and Tab.


Due to the nature of some of the learning themes we have used Flash MX to enable enhanced user interactivity, promote self enquiry and encourage exploration. Flash allows users to manipulate the artefacts in a way which would not be possible with traditional HTML and static images.

Where possible the Flash movies have been programed to allow users to navigate them using the Tab key.

If you would like to see a larger version of a Flash movie, click on it using the right mouse button and select 'Zoom in'.

Where possible text equivalents have been applied to flash objects in order for them to be accessed by people using screen readers. We have also provided numerous, alternative text based pages which can be used to gain acess to the main page content quickly and easily.