Education Projects
Key Stages 3&4

Discover some of the varied and exciting learning projects developed through the Museum Network

Creative Writing Workshops: A2/AS English Language

Created at The Wallace Collection

Working with professional authors, students are guided through the collections to gain inspiration for their own creative writing.

Architecture Week

Following the success of our projects for National Architecture Week in 2006, The Museum Network has developed a range of photography workshops. Working with professional photographers and architects students explore different ways of seeing and develop photography skills, responding to the collections and settings.

View the entries for Shooting Buildings 2007.

Landscapes in Art: Key Stage 3 and 4

Available at all 5 museums

The 5 museums hold a number of outstanding and exceptional landscapes within the collections. These workshops provide a great opportunity for KS3 and 4 pupils to get in close to analyse the techniques, styles and context that led to the creation of these wonderful works of art.

The ‘Landscapes in Art’ eLearning resource can be used in preparation for, or as a follow up to, the Landscapes workshops at any one of the Network Museums.

Naked Bodies: Life-Drawing for AS and A2 Level

Created at The Wallace Collection, now also available at The Bowes Museum, and The Holburne Museum of Art.

Working with artists, groups study nudes in the collections, from Renaissance sculptures to Rococo paintings; they learn about the conventions of portraying the nude form and then use this knowledge to inform their own practical work, drawing from a life model.

KS4+ Visits for Research and Inspiration

Available at all 5 museums

Inspiring young people to see the possibilities of using museums to inform their own practical work is very important. We are happy to accommodate and work with schools to develop visits for inspiration and research as well as venues to showcase finished work.

For more information on the above, go to Booking and Contact Information for details about getting in touch with the museums.